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Banish the Monday Blues

PIC1 3So summer is over, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting cooler. As autumn moves in, is your mood not so bright? Do the weekends seem to be getting shorter, and Monday morning comes around all too soon? Does the morning alarm on a Monday morning have you wanting to dive back under the covers, or gives you a feeling of dread, or just puts you in a foul mood? You’re suffering from the Monday Blues. Let us help motivate you, boost the mood and put you in the right frame of mind to start your week off right. It will then set the tone for a happy and productive week to follow.

Lettuce Seed Oil

PIC2 3Quality sleep is essential for your mental and physical wellbeing, and sleep deprivation can cause irritability and depression. Lettuce seed oil is best known for its sleep enhancing properties. A natural sedative with anti-anxiety properties, it is a natural remedy for insomnia and other sleep disorders. It helps to restore, support and relax the nervous system, and can diminish anxiety and stress, and calm the nerves. The effects have been compared to those of a well known commonly prescribed medication for anxiety and sleep. Lettuce seed oil is able to enhance sleep by blocking the excitatory signal processes of neural and muscular tissues, decreasing heart rate and ventricular contractions, and sedating the nervous system. 

A restful night’s sleep will allow you to get out of bed feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead, even if it is a Monday!
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Essential Aroma Oils

PIC3 3Sometimes, despite a great night’s sleep, the Monday Blues still exist. Its not due to anything physical but is just an emotional and mental mindset. Allow essential aroma oils to come to your rescue, diminishing your negative mindset and giving you a needed energy boost. Try these blends to start your week off on the right foot. They can be added to the diffuser as you’re getting ready for work, incorporated into a room spray or shower melt, added to some cotton wool and placed in the air vents of your car, mixed with a carrier oil and put in a roller ball bottle to be applied to the wrist, or simply inhaled directly from the bottle as needed.


Shine Bright 💧💧💧     Grapefruit
💧💧💧      Orange
💧             Lemon
💧             Bergamot
Hint of Spice 💧💧 Grapefruit
💧💧    Orange
💧💧              Lemon
💧             Cinnamon
Monday Blues 💧💧 Peppermint
💧💧    Frankincense
💧💧              Lemon
Get Up and Go 💧💧💧💧 Peppermint
💧💧  💧💧  Orange
Wake Me Up 💧💧💧 Grapefruit
💧💧    Lemon
💧💧              Ylang Ylang
Early Riser 💧💧 Lemon
💧💧    Peppermint
💧           Ylang Ylang
Positive Energy 💧💧 Bergamot
💧💧    Eucalyptus
💧💧              Orange
Happy Monday 💧💧💧 Patchouli
💧💧💧   Orange
💧💧              Ylang Ylang
Happy Riser 💧💧 Ylang Ylang
💧💧    Orange
💧💧              Lavender
Early Bird 💧💧 Lemon
💧    Geranium
💧              Grapefruit
Glorious morning 💧💧💧 Lemon
💧💧💧    Orange
💧💧              Geranium
Morning Greetings 💧💧💧 Bergamot
💧💧    Frankincense
💧              Lavender
Morning Buzz 💧💧💧 Cinnamon
💧💧💧    Orange

8 Alternative Ways to Scent Your Home with Essential Aroma Oils Discover a range of alternative ways to scent your home.

Roller Ball
PIC4 3Ingredients: 10ml carrier oil (argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, etc), essential oil blend.
How to make: Take a 10ml roller ball bottle, remove the ball, add your chosen blend and fill the bottle with the carrier oil. Replace the ball and lid and shake well. 

Room spray:
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 2 x chosen essential oil blend, water.
How to make: Place baking powder in a small bowl, add the essential oils and mix well using a fork. Pour into a spray bottle and top up with water. Shake well to mix, and before use.

Shower melt:
PIC5 2Ingredients: 1 cup of baking soda, ½ cup of epsom salt or sea salt, approximately 15ml water, 2 x chosen essential oil blend.
How to make: Place baking powder and salt in a bowl and mix together well. Add the water a little at a time. You have the correct texture when you squeeze the mixture together and it just holds together. It will be slightly damp. Add a double helping of the chosen blend and mix together well. Transfer the mixture into silicone molds (chocolate molds work well) and apply pressure to remove any air bubbles and ensure it is tightly packed. Leave to dry for 48 hours. Gently remove from the mold and store in an airtight jar.
To use: Place in the corner of the shower where they will come into contact with drops of water but will not be completely saturated and wash away.
Cheat’s alternative:  Put some hot water in a small bowl, add the blend and place in the corner of the shower. The ensuing steam from your shower will circulate the aroma.

Start the week off right with natural and essential aroma oils. It’ll get your energy levels flowing, put you in a positive and productive mood, and you’ll be surprised at just how much a boost to the start of the week can impact positively on all aspects of your life.

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