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Winter sun in Egypt. Let’s meet spring with a beautiful tan

The weather in Egypt is always sunny. Of course, there are cloudy days, there are even, believe it or not, showers. But those who visit the resort towns cannot always get caught in the rain. But the sun will get you everywhere and always! This pleases, especially in autumn and winter, when there is a […]


Fenugreek Oil vs Pumpkin Seed Oil fora healthy future

Taken daily as a health tonic, natural oils have the ability to provide protection and bring relief to enhance our health today, tomorrow and for the future. So let’s investigate fenugreek oil and pumpkin seed oil to see what benefits they can provide. What is Fenugreek Oil? Fenugreek has a long history as a medicinal […]


Almond Oil Vs Coconut Oil. How do they compare?

Nowadays you can’t open a beauty magazine without seeing a reference to natural oils. They have come back into fashion in a big way, being an integral part of many beauty products, plus a key component in the trend of double cleansing and are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to deep […]


Caring For Sunburnt Skin

Summertime – the fun-packed season, filled with BBQ’s, trips to the park, beach, playing sports and taking holidays abroad. Sounds idyllic… until the sunburn strikes! Unprotected skin can take only minutes to burn, and once you see the tell-tell signs of red skin, it’s already much too late. Despite your very best intentions you may […]

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The most useful gifts from Egypt 

Egypt has always been and remains a desirable holiday destination. The sun, the sea, friendly people… what else is needed for happiness? In summer, a light breeze always blows, which helps to endure the African heat, and in winter, when there is snow and cold in the Motherland, Egypt is the promised land, where it […]


An aromachologist to myself

Modern man can hardly cope with the urban rhythm of life.  Too much noise, too much fuss, too many tall buildings that put pressure on us psychologically. All this becomes a source of constant stress. As a result, sooner or later it affects our health. That is why it is very important to be able […]

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 Journey into the world of perfumery

A bit of history The history of perfumery began in ancient times in Egypt – the country of the pyramids. It is in Egypt that you need to look for the secrets of creating the first incense. The very first fragrances had not so much aesthetic as religious significance. They were used in various rituals, […]


Argan Oil Vs Jojoba Oil. How do they compare?

Natural oils have made a huge resurgence in hair and skin care, particularly as we turn back to nature having recognized that it’s no longer enough to just worry about what we take internally as the chemicals contained in products we apply topically can also potentially damage our health. Furthermore, natural oils give us everything […]



 Spring is the perfect time to give yourself a makeover and throw off the dullness of winter. A new hair colour is a great example, or maybe a perm or chemical straightening/rebonding treatment. It’s well known that these types of chemical treatments can be extremely damaging to the hair, but are you aware that there […]



So winter has finally transcended into spring but be honest, how is your skin and hair looking? Looking dull and tired? Not looking or feeling its best? Definitely crying out for some TLC? It’s no secret that winter can destroy the skin’s natural sebum production, and exacerbate conditions like acne and eczema, in addition to […]

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