Visual evidence that humans collect honey was found in cave paintings. And they are 12,000 years old!
The beginning of beekeeping and the use of natural honey started around 7000 years ago in today's Anatolia.
Finds of still intact honey were found at the opening of the burial chambers in Egypt, and they were already 2400 years old.  That time the effect of honey was known as a natural antibiotic. 1 pot honey from Egypt had the equivalent of a donkey.
Till this day honey has a high priority in Egypt.

Honey and his effect
Except as sweetener, honey is still used today as a natural remedy for colds. In addition to the private production of honey like hobby, beekeeping is also becoming more and more popular commercially. Of course, because of its various uses.
Nefertiti uses the properties of honey by adding its varieties to black cumin, pomegranate and marjoram. This is the way of receiving unique products. Buy Nefertiti honey from Egypt to feel all these special properties.

Different types of honey
Nefertiti Black Cumin Honey: makes the immune system stronger and helps with colds and viral infections. Antibacterial, antimicrobial, regulates iron deficiency.
Nefertiti Marjoram Honey: helps with insomnia, has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties.
Nefertiti Pomegranate Honey: useful in the treatment of anemia, infections, arteriosclerosis. Has strong, antibacterial, antifungal properties. In addition, it contains a huge amount of vitamins.
Benefit from Nefertiti's Egyptian honeys is in his use as a natural antibiotic. Its has big effectiveness in colds, especially in the winter time.
Enjoy the excellent flavors and taste the different varieties of Egyptian honey from Nefertiti.

Where to buy Nefertiti honey?
Nefertiti offers 100% natural products for reasonable prices. You have the opportunity to buy our products online, as well as in our shops.

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